Low Vision Group of Skidaway Island

Welcome !

Welcome to the website of Bright Eye-Deas. This is a positive group of people who are experiencing vision loss and are eager to learn from others. Members share friendship as well as areas of expertise, helping one another to learn to live independently. Our Mission is to enhance the quality of life by promoting independence, education, positive attitudes, friendship and an awareness of community. If you are having difficulty with reading books, sending emails, or even matching socks, we can help.

WHAT is Bright-Eye-Deas?

Bright-Eye-Deas is a community of people with vision challenges. We believe we are not defined by these challenges; rather how we respond to those challenges.  We strive to raise our awareness of ways to help accommodate vision loss through both education and individual experience.

WHY would I join Bright-Eye-Deas?

Our members aim to maintain independence and to manage individual life tasks. Our organization thrives on members sharing their talents and personal experiences.  We also learn from expert speakers who offer their knowledge in a wide array of areas; technological advances in equipment for the visually challenged, low vision specialists from the Savannah Center for the Blind and Low Vision, lighting specialists, ophthalmologists, etc.  Woven into our learning opportunities is the opportunity for friendship and fun.

HOW do I become part of Bright-Eye-Deas?

Anyone is welcome at all our meetings.

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